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The Clitoral Truth–Gateways to Enhancing Female Orgasms

Orgasms, Orgasms Orgasms, seems in the last few years the world has become utterly obsessed with them… and rightly so.

No other phenomenon on the planet carries so much power over our lives, for good or ill.

A man who can give his woman abundant ever increasing orgasmic pleasure will rapidly find himself in constant demand, not just from the lucky woman herself, but also from all the oh so curious and highly competitive female friends that she has been bragging to.

Oh yes dear reader, the quest for the better orgasm and the man who can deliver them is truly a battle of epic proportions.

and its my mission in life to give you the very best tools to deliver the kind of nuclear Weapons of Mass Seduction That Will Give you an unstoppable advantage first in the sack…and in Life!

That’s why In 2004 I created the Secret Orgasm Tips Program, and now I’m proud to share with you The MOAB of Sexual Enhancement Power and Pleasure.

The Unlimited Lover System.

Nothing like Unlimited Lover System has ever been taught before, and nothing like it comes even close to the sheer sexual and romantic transformations it can give you and your woman.


Because no other system ever created has been designed specifically to teach you the EXACT Skills and Step-By Step Methods For Becoming ANY Woman’s Ideal Lover and Sex Partner.

What do you mean Ideal Lover and Sex Partner?  What does that Mean Exactly and How is this possible?

You see, my friend, every woman grows up and is raised on a constant stream of sexual and romantic fantasies that “program her” to believe that love making has to be done in a specific way in order for it to be the “best experience” For Her.

The key here is “Best Experience FOR HER” Each woman has her own unique set of sexual and romantic elements that she has to have in order to “believe” and “perceive” that she is getting exactly what she most wants and needs.

Think of this programming as a “secret checklist” and every woman moving through the world is secretly trying to find the guy who most perfectly matches the “check list” she is carrying around inside of her.

the closer you get to matching the check list inside her head and heart, the rapidly you’ll not only get inside her body, but also the more fanatically loyal and sexually responsive she becomes to you.

You See this Hidden Check List Secretly Runs Her Life.

  • It’s One of  the reasons why most first dates never get anywhere,
  • why most women dump guys after only a short time
  • and ultimately why they cheat and leave even some of the most secure relationships for a “bad boy” or some other “less worthy” guy than you.


Here’s The Scariest Part…

Not Only Does That Secret Hidden Check List  Run Her Life…


 And the craziest part is that while most women enthusiastically agree about the check list when I talk about it to them, they have absolutely no idea that its even running  their lives and potentially ruining your relationship.

You see if you don’t know what’s on a woman’s personal sexual and romantic checklist, then

  • you won’t know exactly how to match what is on it,
  • you won’t be able to give her what she needs most no matter how hard you try
  • and Ultimately, you won’t get anywhere near the kind of world rocking, mind blowing sex the both of you want.

Learning A Woman’s Ideal Lover Check List Is The FASTEST Way To Satisfying Her Better Than Any Other Man and Keeping Her Satisfied With You Forever.

Imagine for a moment that you could instantly convince any woman on a deep physical and emotional level that you are her “Ideal Lover and Sex Partner” The man she has always fantasized about, the one she is always secretly comparing every man she meets against and never finding the man who fits that mold.

Unlimited Lover is my complete system of sexual skills, we take you from the very foundations of what it takes to be a great lover and then step by step take you deeper inside (no pun intended) the sexual psyche and soma of a woman’s world. You’ll learn things about women that other experts have never even thought about telling you ( if they even know it)

You’ll be taught step by step moment by moment, what to look for, what it means and what to do when you perceive it.

We start with the very foundations of attraction starting with Inner game and

  • how to approach women without fear of rejection,
  • to decoding women’s attraction and arousal body language,
  • we’ll teach you the secret mating dance that all healthy well adjusted female human beings do that signals you exactly when to make your moves and  precisely how to make that move work.

Everything is given to you in exquisite detail, clear explanations and more.

You’ll even see women falling in love with me during a demo in front of a live audience. And the simple truth is that because of the natural way a woman’s nervous system works, she can’t help but fall head over heels when you follow the process I’ll share with you.

Once you understand the female psyche and how it operates you’ll be able trigger an intense sexual and romantic attraction in practically anyone you meet and then actually give her the kind of sexual experience she’s only ever fantasized about and then using very specific protocols and techniques that have never been revealed in this manner, you’ll learn how to take your woman even further into levels of sexual pleasure and orgasmic experience neither of you will believe.


Learning A Woman’s Ideal Lover Check List is The First Step To Becoming and Unlimited Lover.

And I want to help you unlock the secret lust triggers your woman secretly has but has never told you about by giving you special limited time access to some special FREE Reports That Will Give You Practically Unstoppable Tools For Blowing Your Woman’s Mind During Sex and Positioning You As Her Ideal Lover Regardless of…

  • How You Look
  • How Old You Are
  • How Much Money You Make
  • How Long You Have Been Together
  • How Long You Can Last In Bed
  • How Small Your Penis Is
  • Or What Kind of Lovers She’s Had In The Past

Learning About The Check List is a complete Game Changer.

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