40 year Old Nerd Picks Up 19 Year Old


If you've ever told yourself you can't meet attractive women because you're too old, shy, fat, broke, or whatever... then you need to see this video asap.

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Because it's a RARE hidden camera video of a 40 year old computer geek picking up a hot 19 year old babe on the street.  And not only do you get to see how he approaches her, but the camera guy even caught them going on their first "instant date" at a coffee shop.

Yes, you even get to see what he says to her on a date!  This kind of footage is HARD to come by, especially at this high of quality!

Click To Watch what he says to her at the 4:09 mark.

You see, the guy in the video is using a little-known technique that very few men understand, but that instantly triggers sexual attraction in women.  Can you spot it?  He does it over and over again in this very short video.

And the best part?
He even explains in the video exactly what he was doing and why.

Check it out here:

David V.