Instant Female Orgasm Technique


You Can Give ANY Woman An Orgasm

In Under Two Minutes,

Any Time, Any Place

...and Even With Her Clothes On!


I know, I know, claiming to be able to give any woman an orgasm no matter what sounds like a HUGE load of BS.

And Honestly, If I hadn't been field testing the technique in "other" areas for the last 8 years. There is no way I could honestly and ethically be telling you this now. So I don't blame you at all for being skeptical.

But I Do Have A Small Confession To Make...

I Didn't Tell You The WHOLE TRUTH, Using The Technique Won't Just Give Women An Orgasm Any Time and Any Place... No.


This Technique Will Let You Give Her
Any Time and Any Place.


There are only Two Key Ingredients That You Need To Have and You Are Practically Guaranteed To Have Her Exploding Into Orgasm In Just Minutes, Are You Ready?

Here They Are: A. She Has To Follow Your Instructions and Do What You Say B. She Has To Know What An Orgasm Actually Feels Like. The technique I am about to share with you is a combination of Sexual Energetics, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Oriental Medicine, Hypnosis and Neuro-Science.

  When Used Properly  

Every Woman You Use It With Will Experience


Becoming Super Attracted and Connected to You.


That means that as long as you keep the pleasure coming ( no pun intended) She will pretty much do what you tell her to do.


And If you use the complete system she will love you, worship you and seek to keep you happy forever. NOT BS. So you have to be careful, This is too much power to be put in the hands of just anyone. That's why I have literally sat on the complete system for over 8 years. And I completely reserve the right to change my mind at any time about letting this stuff out.  

Now in order to get her full and complete undying love,lust, and loyalty, you will have to do a few more things that I cover fully in my soon to be released Unstoppable Lover Training Course Where I Reveal My Total System For Giving Any Woman Mind Blowing Multiple Orgasms and Sexually Bonding her to you in such a way that she simply can't give you up no matter what and she only wants to please and be pleasured by you.

  This is NOT:

  • A course that teaches submissive women how to be hypnotic slaves.
  • In fact, when you use the system properly any woman you use it with will WANT To Be Submissive To You.
  • Even The Most Dominant She-Bitches On The Planet Can't Resist This Kind of Non-Stop Orgasmic Conditioning For Very Long. Mother Nature Made Sure of it. The Very Nerves and Endocrine Glands Of Her Body Will Cause It To Happen.

This Is NOT :

A course on just erotic hypnosis where you have to hypnotize a woman into orgasms in the hopes that she might actually want to have real sex with you.


This Course Teaches You How To Have The Best Real Sex Humanely Possible , First!

  • How to instantly become your woman's ideal fantasy lover by uncovering her personal orgasm code, and then using it to Turn Her Orgasmic, Pleasure and Pair-Bonding Instincts On Over-Drive.
  • If you want to know more about what I am talking about read a book called the Oxytocin Connection.
  • You'll also learn how to "influence" her to Want Sex More Often and Be Less Inhibited,
  • She'll eagerly want you more and willingly do what ever you want her to.


That's A Good Place To Start.

Now you WILL learn a form of erotic hypnosis in this course but its radically different from what most people are teaching and you can quickly use it to

  • remove sexual inhibitions from your lover,
  • make her more willing to do the things you want.
  • Amplify Her Own Pleasures and Re-Program Her To Only Have Bigger and Bigger Orgasms every time you make love to her

and Yes... You can train her to orgasm on command. (that's actually very easy) In fact, depending on how far you and she want to go, you could quite literally change her entire personality through massive multi-orgasmic love trances.

And what If You Don't Currently Have a Woman To Use This System With?

More good news is.

This course is a complete "How to Program" from Cold Approach, To Kiss Close To Sexual Conditioning, Bonding and Beyond.

I'll show you a simple, easy, and honestly powerful way to approach, meet and attract real women in practically any venue. Utilizing powerful natural attraction signals she can't help but respond to. (I'll even show you footage of a woman practically falling in love with me DURING A Live Demo in front of an audience... and all the other women in the audience were cheering!)

How to go from complete stranger to completely rocking her world not just once but multiple times, over and over again until her own body programs itself to be only sexually responsive to you.

I know, I know, it sounds really far out.

But if you haven't checked out my orgasm code videos (check the blog) then you really need to see and understand the science behind the system I'll be revealing soon.

And yes, It is a system and after 8 long years under lock and key.

I finally revealed all of it to a selected group of students, I personally hand picked to attend this live training just for the purpose of teaching and passing on what promises to be The Nuclear Option in the Battle For Sexual Power.

Now I have to Warn You...

This System Is Not Fair.


Not at all. You may ask why.

Because Women Don't Play Fair Either.


There are many "unfair" things women do in relationships that systematically undermine a mans self esteem, masculinity and sense of and identity. Things that ultimately result in a you becoming tame, boring, predictable and basically dependent on the her approval. And While Its "rational" to think that this is what would make a woman happy. In the Long Run...

"It Makes Her Miserable"

Using The Unlimited Lover System You'll Learn Exactly What To Watch Out For and What To do about it so that you become more of a man in her eyes over time instead of less worthy. In fact, she'll start treating you like the King You Were Meant To Be.

And the best part is She'll love doing it.

That's about all I have for today.

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Your Loyal Friend And Mentor

David Van Arrick