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The G-spot Exposed!

Before we get to the meat of this edition of my mini-sex guide, I just want to congratulate you.


Because if you're reading this then:

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  • The Kind of Lover Every Woman Fantasizes About!
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You See, Few (if any) of the people who sign up for this special course will ever get this far.

Even less will actually do anything with the skills once they have them.

That’s Good News for you, they will stay average at best, While You Become a Sexual Super Star!

That Makes The World Your Play Ground.

All you have to do is USE The Skills


You're different, and Today You’re Going To Learn Even More Great Stuff!


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And On To Today's Lesson...  

As We Reveal... The Mysteries of The G-Spot!


Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects:  The G-spot!


Now next to Big Foot, Nessie the Loch Ness Monster and of course we can't forget our Tibetan friend the Yeti, the G-spot or "Graphenberg Spot" Is perhaps one of the most elusive Sexual legends in our culture.


If you happen to be one of the blessed few who know where the G-spot is and how to work it, Congratulations!

You're way ahead of the game.


Honestly though, we can't talk too much in depth about the G-spot without spending some time talking about the difference between a vaginal and a clitoral orgasm.


You see, the two types of orgasm are very different in the sensations they produce and the physiological effects on certain parts of a woman's anatomy.


Understanding these effects instantly allows you to flow to exactly the right way to stimulate her following either one.


This is crucial when you're going for any kind of orgasm through penetration and even more so when you're following the sexual conditioning and orgasmic set ups and sequences I talk about in my home study course "Secret Orgasm Tips."


Orgasm Basics -

Orgasms are defined as the peak of sexual arousal when all the muscles that tightens during Arousal suddenly relaxes causing very pleasurable feelings that involve the entire body.


During sexual climax hormones and endorphins are secreted into to the blood stream causing a cascade of effects and sensations to ripple all throughout your woman's body making her feels Happy, giddy, flushed warm and/or sleepy.


All types of orgasm make woman MORE RESPONSIVE to Sexual Stimulation.


Clitoral Orgasm -

The Clitoral Orgasm is the most common type of orgasm and as we have covered in earlier lessons it's the one you want to master first.  Clitoral Orgasms are often described as intense, rapid and cerebral


Vaginal Orgasm -

Vaginal Orgasms are an "O" of a different color so to speak. In contrast to the clitoral orgasm, Vaginal orgasms are often described as deep, and relaxing with a wave like contractions, followed by a deep sense of relaxation (a.k.a. afterglow).


The G Spot orgasm takes a bit more patience and finesse to stimulate properly, but once you do, You have a much better chance of giving her an orgasm through penetration/intercourse.


Let me explain.


You see, unlike the clitoris, the g-spot can be stimulated directly with the penis during penetration...


However, you still need to figure out the best positions to adequately contact and stimulate the G-spot or more often than not your back in the same boat you were in prior to learning these key concepts and techniques.


Everything you have learned and done up to this point is "priming the pump" for what comes afterward... (no pun intended)


You will notice by now that I haven't talked a lot about penetration with the penis yet. There is a Reason!


The reason for this is that I am teaching you how to stack the deck so far in your favor that no matter what happens...You Win!


Everything you have learned up to this point has been designed to consistently bring her to orgasm  then move her into a "higher" level of orgasmic pleasure in other words... more orgasms, more intense than the orgasms before.


When you stop to consider that most women on the average have to content themselves with only one or two orgasms per lovemaking session... if they are lucky; You can already begin to see how, buy learning these skills and by following the incredibly systematic approach taught in this course can immediately take your sexual skills and aptitudes  to levels far beyond what you might have ever considered possible for you.




Finding the G Spot -


Finding the G-spot is often a challenge, especially if you haven't done any study or are trapped in "penile thinking" mode.


The G-spot is a small bunch of nerves about the size of a quarter located 1 - 2 inches inside and on the roof of the vaginal cavity.


My best way to teach folks how to find this is:

  • With your fingers slide your finger up inside along the upper wall of the vagina at about a forty-five degree angle.
  • You will feel a somewhat rough patch of tissue underneath your finger.

If you're paying attention, throughout the course of your sex play, you will notice that as the event progresses and she gets more and more aroused, this particular area will actually Swell up --- that's a good thing!



Ways to stimulate the G-spot


Most of the time I rely on my fingers to stimulate the G-spot. If you have been practicing the "Secret Twitch" techniques, then you already have one of the best techniques to begin working Her G-spot.


Sequencing Is Important -

As I mentioned in earlier lessons, I never go for the G spot first. It's always my second or third  target because it takes time for the G spot to begin to become fully aroused and activated!


Timing and calibration are important when you're pleasuring a woman; be off on either one and She doesn't get her Orgasm and you're just another average bloke who couldn't make her cum...


Bad thing!


Now once you have located the G spot you have a number of strokes you can use and of Course depending on the woman you’re timing, stroke, and pressure will vary.


I usually start with a light pressure and a back and forth type of motion with the pads of my fingers.


I generally keep the fingers slightly flexed but not locked (perhaps 25 % stiffer than I Use for the actual "Secret Twitch Described in Lesson Four")


By this time her G-spot should be fairly well engorged with fluid, which means she's Primed for the next level. But for now, we work only on stimulating her G-spot with your fingers.


Like I mentioned earlier I tend to begin with a back and forth motion and use my fingers to contour the roof of the vaginal cavity as I rub the pads of my fingers over her G - spot.


You can also use a circular stroking pattern with the pads of your fingers.


Depending on how tight she is and the size of her G-spot, I will use either one or two fingers...Usually the pointer and index fingers.


This method requires a bit of a softer touch than the back and forth method or a "Come hither" type of technique.


But I find that the "come hither" type of stimulation doesn't work nearly as well As a simple back and forth stroke done while contouring her G-spot.


If she is lying on her belly or in the doggy style position, you can also use the "Stiff fingers method" which I cover in more detail in "Secret Orgasm Tips."


When I start stroking her G-spot…


I tend to start very softly with light pressure. And increase the rate, and pressure as she begins to respond more and more to what I'm doing.


Like I mentioned earlier, this one is a bit more challenging, but if you have Primed her pump properly what follows the G-spot orgasm is more often then Not a literal flood of orgasmic delight!


Giving a woman a G-Spot orgasm will make you a sexual Olympic Athlete in her eyes!

 It's very likely no other man will have ever been able to pleasure her in such a way.


But if you don't master this special technique..

  •  You run the risk of either being just a
  • "Mediocre lover," or even worse...
  • You mess it up and look like a complete fool!


To make sure that doesn't happen, you're going to want to learn every single little trick  there is to the art of the G-spot orgasm.


I will show you every single step you have to take, and every pitfall to avoid in my Special home study course.  You can discreetly download my course and be devouring its secrets in minutes.

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Until Next Time, Practice Well and Enjoy The Ride!


Your Loyal Friend and Sex Coach

David Van Arrick

P.S.  In our next installment, we will talk about giving  her TWO ORGASMS IN ONE - The Blended Orgasm! Stay Tuned!

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