Lesson-3-Clitoral Stimulation Techniques

Sexual Mastery Crash Course Lesson Three:
Clitoral Stimulation Techniques That Really Work!

Hey There My Aspiring Sexual Jedi...This Helps Give Women More Orgasms (lesson 3)

Welcome to the third installment of my Top Secret Sexual Mastery Orgasm Crash Course and Sex Guide!

So far, you should have learned the first  two steps to mastering the art of lovemaking.

1. Pay Attention - Using Sexual Calibration and Body Language (Review It Here)
2. Kissing Skills That Buckle Her Knees

Now We Get Into The Fun Stuff!

Today, I am going to talk about the secrets of how to give a woman incredible pleasure
through clitoral orgasms.

Truly, God loves women, for he gave them the clitoris, an organ that serves no other
purpose than to provide sexual pleasure through orgasm.

(Your Woman's clitoris actually serves some very important functions but all of them
are achieved through clitoral orgasm, in the[ Secret Orgasm Tips] course you will learn just how powerful the
clitoris really is).

Because this is a  special introductory crash course on clitoral mastery, I will  not make the assumption that you
know what and where the clitoris is located.

So...those of you at home who may be a bit uncertain...

Let's Review

How To Find Your Woman's Clitoris


The clitoris is a small bud-like organ that can easily be found by locating the opening of the vagina and running your finger upward between the labia,(or lips) of the vagina until you come to a small round protrusion.

Normally, the clitoris is soft and flaccid, much like the male member when not being sexually excited or aroused.

As a woman becomes more and more sexually turned on and approaches climax her clitoris will swell and grow harder and harder.

This is one of the key signs that let you know she's getting close to orgasm but it's not something
most folks pay attention to.

It takes a very special touch to be good at clitoral orgasms Using Just Your Hands, Fingers or Mouth...

...and if you're relying on your "Penis" to give her an orgasm, you're relying on the wrong tool my friend.

Let me explain...

As I described earlier the clitoris is located in a direct line above the vaginal opening approximately one to two inches above the opening in most women.

Now Imagine this for a moment if you will.

The spot you need to stimulate during Intercourse is actually located anywhere from one to two inches ABOVE where you would normally be thrusting and penetrating your lover.

So if you're visualizing properly,

You can easily begin to see that most stimulation of the clitoris is not coming from your penis, Its far more effective, easier and satisfying when her clitoris  is stimulated by other forms of contact.

This is one of several reasons why most women do not achieve orgasm during intercourse.

There are other types of orgasms that women can also reach and we will talk about them in upcoming lessons, (and even
more in depth in my home study course).

But for now lets focus on the challenge at hand which is learning and mastering the clitoral orgasm.

Lets review how we are going to press this magic button in all the right ways... the primary natural tools you have to work with are listed in order of importance below... they are:

1.  Hands and Fingers
2.  Lips and Tongue
3.  Your Genitals

Notice the order they are listed!

They're Listed that way for a reason!

Use them in the order listed above.

The male penis is the WORST way to attempt clitoral stimulation. Unless you really know what you are doing.


A woman needs on the average of about 30 minutes of uninterrupted copulation to achieve orgasm during  intercourse.

The average male thrusting his strapping young heart out with his intent on making his partner achieve orgasm will last anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes before he ejaculates.

As you can probably see, the numbers are not in your or your woman's favor;

You are more likely to reach the point of no return and "Blow Your Load" long before she's even been close to her having an

Here Is How To Take Her To Orgasm Heaven!

The first big secret to giving her a clitoral orgasm is getting her as "physically aroused and turned on" as possible before you even get to her clitoris!

And the way to do that is through the way you kiss her and by being a master of Systematic Scientific Sexual Arousal That
Goes Way BEYOND Simple Foreplay.

Foreplay may be the secret of all great lovers...

But Knowing

Strategic Scientifically Proven Sexual Arousal Skills  Will Make You UNSTOPPABLE And  IRREPLACEABLE!

Actually Psychologically Program Your Woman To ORGASM Multiple Times and Become Hopelessly ATTACHED To You.

Okay, assuming you have great foreplay skills and she's good and turned on and you can feel how moist
she is its time to practice the fine art of fingering... or to use a more technical term - clitoral massage.

There is no finer tool for helping a woman achieve clitoral orgasm than the fingers.

Oh Yes, I'm the first to admit oral sex is wonderful and erotic as all heck and I love giving women oral pleasure that makes them quiver and shake and utterly lose control of their bodies...

Its wonderful, and it still comes in second compared to what I can do with my fingers.

There are several techniques that I consistently use to give women not one clitoral orgasm, but MULTIPLE
clitoral orgasms.

In fact, one happy young woman not too long ago received no less than 16 orgasms in under
one hour before I sent her home happy, smiling, somewhat dazed and rather weak in the knees...

It was easy, she was hooked... I never broke a sweat!

You can do this too.  I'll show you how.

Here is a brief catalog of clitoral massage techniques that I cover in my Secret Orgasm Tips course.

These techniques all involve using the hands and fingers, and we are dealing only with clitoral stimulation at this point.

1.  Two Finger Split - basic [insert video clip]

2.  Three Finger Split - basic

3.  Palming - Indirect stimulation

4.  Rapid Horizontal Fluttering - intermediate

5.  Two finger Split - advanced

6.  Three Finger Split - advanced

There are also various strokes and pressures that can be used in each of the above techniques.

Let's talk about one of my favorite and most reliable techniques:

The Basic Two and Three Finger Split.

I use this technique with every woman and it always works like gang busters.

Here's how to do it:

First when you're with your partner make sure to be laying along side her face to face so that you can continue kissing and otherwise engaging her with the other parts of your body as you continue to stimulate her erogenous zones.

Kissing and sucking on her nipples at the same time your doing the split magnificently amps up her arousal level wonderfully well.

Proficiency in doing the split also requires what I call the "magic touch."

This is a way of using your fine sense of touch to not only give her pleasure through your touch but to sense her arousal level through your finger tips.

The best way to develop this is to actually practice touching with your eyes closed.

I go into more detail about this in my course, but for now, understand that your primary method
of determining how best to stimulate her is going to come through your own trained sense of touch.

You should be lying beside your partner engaging in foreplay, kissing, stroking, and stimulating her in
the ways most appropriate for her.

As you do, allow your hands to slowly and lightly travel below her belly to her vaginal area.

Allow your hands to massage the entire vulva and labia.

Pay attention to how wet she is.

Have her open her legs wider to allow you access to the innermost aspects of her vulva.

Now as her legs spread, if you're lying on your left side, hook your right leg over and around her right leg.

This helps to stabilize her position and makes sure you don't lose contact with the right spot
once you find it.

Now, as you continue your foreplay up top, allow the fingers of your right hand to slip down between
her labia to her vaginal opening.

Using your middle and index fingers, slide your fingers upward from the vaginal opening between
the inner labia until you feel a small bump.

That bump is the clitoris.

Clitoral size varies greatly from woman to woman. Some are rather large, some are very small.

I have found using this technique that clitoral size makes no difference, women with small clitoris's orgasm just a
much as women with larger ones.

Now once you have located the clitoris, you go into the Three Finger Split.

Press the labia on either side of the clitoris outward with pointer finger and little finger of your right hand.

This should leave your middle finger directly over the clitoris.

As lightly as possible begin to use a small circular stimulation directly to the clitoris.

Important Note Here --

Your goal is not to simply rub or stimulate the clitoris. Your job is to "explore" her clitoris,
to sense it to become intimately familiar with it.

It's your sacred duty as a sexual master --

Enjoy your work!

Periodically dip your finger down to the vaginal opening and slowly slide your finger up along the
area directly below the clitoris to the clitoris itself.

Many women find stimulation here to be exceedingly pleasurable.

Key points to remember here. Continue to stimulate her clitoris using small circular movement. Pay
attention to how hard her clitoris starts to become.

Experiment with various pressures and tempos/speeds etc.

Let her clitoris be your guide.

As you find the right rate speed and pressure her clitoris will become harder and harder.

Now one thing I do Is I pay very close attention through my sense of touch and do my best to determine
where her most pleasurable responses are coming from, and I will slowly focus my stroke on that spot...

(Keep in mind that spot may only be a very small surface portion of her clitoris.)

As she comes close and closer to climax...

The clit will continue to become harder and more responsive until suddenly she climaxes.

The leg you placed over hers earlier allows you to keep a stable place to work because as she gets closer to climaxing,

her limbs, will start to flail,

her body will arch as the sexual tension inside her builds

and as she gets close if you don't have her leg secured she may try to close her legs reflexively and you may lose contact with her clitoris and/or lose your rhythm or timing.

So here's a breakdown of the above technique for you:

1.  Anchor your partner's right leg with your right leg by hooking it over and around her.

2.  Massage her vaginal area mons, labia, etc. before sliding your fingers down to her vaginal opening.

3.  Locate her vaginal opening with the tips of your index and pointer fingers.

4.  Slide your fingers directly upward along and between the inner labia of her vagina until you find her clitoris.

5.  Spread your fingers apart so that your index finger is holding her left inner labia and your small fingers are holding her right labia away
from the clitoris.

6.  Your middle finger should be directly over the clitoris or within easy reach.

7.  Begin light but circular strokes on and around the surface of the clitoris.

8.  Occasionally dip your fingers down to the vaginal opening and stroke upward from the opening to the base of the clitoris.

9.  Pay attention to how the clitoris responds to your touch.

10.  As the clitoris becomes more stimulated and aroused it will swell and become harder and harder.

11.  Use your sense of touch to determine the best angle, stroke, pressure and timing for your partner. Let her responding clitoris be your

12.  As you get closer to her climax, hold on tighter  with your legs.  she's going to start bucking like a bronco!

13.  Enjoy the Ride!

Honestly, there are so many ways to give a woman an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, I just can't pack them all into one email!

If you really want to learn every single last dirty trick there is to giving a woman a mind-blowing clitoral orgasm, you really need to check out my Secret Orgasm Tips Home Study Course.

I lay them all out for you, step-by-step, in easy to understand language.

If you haven't checked it out already, you can be downloading it within minutes by going here:


But don't wait too long to get your own copy of my secrets.

I don't know how much longer I'll be selling them.

All the very best to you.

David Van Arrick
aka "The Master"

PS: Time is running out Here is that link again just in Case You Missed It:

PPS: Tomorrow, I reveal some fingering techniques that
will turn you into a raving sexual dynamo!


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