Squirting Orgasms: How A Girl Acts When You're Are Great In Bed

Squirting Orgasms Secrets...

How A Girl Acts When You're Great In Bed!


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Did you know that women crave sex FAR more than men?

If you don't believe me, then you are not giving her good

The difference is that women only want GOOD sex.

As a guy, you can have pretty mediocre sex and still finish.

And even if the sex is phenomenal, most of the time you are
still only going to finish once.

Women on the other hand, usually don't finish AT ALL
from mediocre sex.

And no matter how "close" she tells you she was, or how
good she tells you it was, if she's not "getting there", she is

There are a lot of signs - both in and out of the bedroom -
that you are NOT satisfying your woman. Here's just a few
signs your girl is not satisfied...

Signs You Aren't Giving Your Woman Great Sex!

Signs IN the Bedroom

1. Your girl doesn't always come, and often doesn't finish
   during intercourse

2. You frequently have to initiate the sex

3. She is reluctant to go down on you, to have sex in certain
   positions, to try anything adventurous


Signs OUTSIDE of the Bedroom

1. You feel like you have to "earn" sex, by taking her out or
buying her things, or by being on your "best" behavior.

2. You think your girl just doesn't like sex as much as you do.
She has to be in the right mood and not tired or stressed
from work.

3. She nags you about household responsibilities, how you
dress, how you act

4. You and your girl aren't having as much sex as you used
to, and not as much as you would like to. If these sound like
you, you aren't alone.



How Does Your Girl Act When You ARE Giving Her
Amazing Sex?

Make no mistake about it, once you start giving your girl
amazing sex, everything, and I do mean everything about
the relationship changes.

Inside the Bedroom

1. She wants to have sex more often than you do

2. She is eager to please you, enthusiastic to go down on
   you and try anything you suggest

3. She regularly comes from intercourse and finishes
     multiple times

Outside the Bedroom

1. All nagging will end almost immediately

2. She buys you gifts, pays for dinners, is eager to please

3. She is eager to do you favors


Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with buying that
special lady a present now and then, and you certainly
should =) but it shouldn't be as a way to earn something from

So with this in mind, what is it gonna take in order to give her
"amazing sex"...the kind that'll have her yearning and
CRAVING for you even after you're gone?

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