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  • "Female Ejaculation Secrets - To Give Your Woman Intense Sexual Pleasure And Multiple Orgasms Faster

    you can gently massage her labia in circular kneading motions using your whole palm of your hand.
    This allows you to spread the warm and arousing pressure of your handle throughout her entire vulva, without overstimulating her clitoris"
  • To Better Give Your Woman a G-Spot Orgasm Techniques During Sexual Intercourse... you can use what we call in the Unlimited Lover System and "Side Mount" Position.This is a modified rear-entry, spoon-position hybrid sex position that allows you to more accurately target a woman's G-spot with the head of your penis.
  •  One of The Most Powerful Ways To Bond A Woman To You Permanently Is...Through Amplifying The Secretion of The Hormone Oxytocin in women and Vasopressin in Men. Oxytocin and Vasopressin are the natural pair bonding hormones within the human body.
  • The Most Oxytocin is Released During Orgasm For Women.Oxytocin is the primary hormone that controls how loyal, satisfied and obedient a woman (or man) will be in a relationship.The more oxytocin/vasopressin you give your lover the more likely they are to be happy healthy and loyal to you.
  • You Can Sexual Arouse Women And Cause Them to Become Sexually Aroused Faster By Stimulating a Special Acupuncture Point On Her Trapezius Muscle Called GB 21.Using this point simultaneously causes her uterus and vaginal muscles to contract creating more arousal and stimulating the release of oxytocin.Using the GB 21 Point in combination with direct nipple stimulation can actually cause women to orgasm faster.Even if they have had problems having orgasms before.
  • For Ladies Trying to Help Men Prolong Erection Time and Stop Premature Ejaculation.Gently Pulling  down on your lovers scrotum during sex will tend to hold back the ejaculatory response. As a man approaches climax his scrotum naturally tights and his testes move closer to his body. Gently pulling in the opposite direction reverses this process.
  • You Can Become Any Woman's Ideal Lover  and Give Her Multiple Screaming Orgasms By Understanding Her Orgasm Code Every Woman As A Unique Set of Internal and External Stimuli that Will Cause Her To Orgasm.This Unique Ideal Lover Checklist is unique for every woman although some general characteristics apply.The check list contains the order and sequence a man (or woman) must perform in  a certain way that signals a woman's nervous system and unconscious mind that its okay to let go and become sexually hyper responsive.These Orgasmic Pre-c0nditions are expressed in her non-verbal and sexual body language.Once you know what to look for you can rapidly bring any woman to orgasm and cause her to view you as her perfect lover because you can perfectly match her unique "Orgasm Code"

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