Squirting Orgasms: Why Regular Orgasms No Longer Cut It!

Squirting Orgasm Secrets...

Why Regular Orgasms
...No Longer Cut It!



Hey ,

Believe it or not, a lot of men don't know to give their girl an orgasm...

What's worse is even FEWER men know how to make her squirt! =(

In fact, the difference between a regular ol' orgasm and a squirting orgasm is the difference between opening a can of soda and opening a can of soda after you've shaken it up a few times.

Same can of soda...but different things done to it.

Get the picture?

So just imagine the what it would do to your sex life if you could give her an orgasm this powerful...

It would mean the difference between being a PRIUS and a PORSCHE in the bedroom.

So here are the reasons why regular orgasms JUST DON'T COMPARE to Squirting Orgasms...and why giving her one is gonna set you apart from all the amateurs out there.

Reason #1)

It's So Much More Powerful That She Can't Possibly Fake It

It's no secret that women fake orgasms.

They do it because you didn't quite get them there...to the
feeling of BURSTING in orgasmic ecstasy and pleasure.

Remember the soda can analogy?

Yes or no, can you tell when somebody's shaken your can of
Pepsi once you pop it open?

Well you can DEFINITELY tell if you've shaken her "can"
once you've made her squirt from an orgasm...

The evidence will be all over your bed...and ALL OVER

If you're gonna get her to orgasmic bliss...make it count
when you make her cum...that way she can't possibly fake
how amazing you've made her feel.

Reason #2)

It's Strong Enough to Keep Her Aroused For
Days (or even weeks!) After

After women have a regular orgasm, their body goes in to a
state of relaxation…and they usually just go to SLEEP.

But when a girl has a squirting orgasm, it builds even
MORE tension in her and actually gets her even
HORNIER than before…and willing to stop at NOTHING
for the next one.

So how do you think things would change once you have her
even hornier AFTER she's finished with a squirting orgasm?

You'll definitely have your own little nympho to please that's
for sure!

Reason #3)

Less Than 1% of Men Have What It Takes to
Make Her Squirt

This is what makes squirting so much more exhilirating than
just regularly cumming...

It's something she's NEVER HAD BEFORE!

Women always want shiny, new, and something their
girlfriends don't have.

So just imagine if you gave her this in the form of the most
incredible, body-shaking, SHEET SOAKING orgasm of her

The sad truth though is that most men can't cut it when it
comes to giving a girl her very own squirting "o."

Few men know how to give a squirting orgasm because it's
something WOMEN don't even know how to do...and it's
DEFINITELY not something you can just Google.

But luckily enough...my really good friend knows EXACTLY
what it takes to give your girl the ride of her life with the
"Porsche" she's NEVER had.

Marcus London, who people call "The King of Squirting"
around here, agreed to help me get this highly advanced
secret to you (he owes me a favor).

In this video demonstration, my friend Marcus will show you
how to become one of the elite number of men who can
actually make a girl squirt...

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The only problem is...Marcus actually teaches these highly
coveted techniques in his private sex coaching classes...and
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So he's only gonna leave the video up until he feels like
there are TOO MANY MEN out there using the techniques
that HE is known for...

So hurry up and become the one guy who finally DRIVES
ORGASM... and makes her scream loud enough to wake
the whole block!

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She'll definitely enjoy the ride once you do 😉

Enjoy The Joy Ride,