Hello Once Again Future Sex God

Sexual Mastery Crash Course Lesson Two.

Yesterday you learned about the #1 rule to becoming an
awesome lover:


Today, we're going to cover step number two, which is the

Lots of people overlook the importance of kissing.

But make no mistake about it, Nothing Is A Bigger Turn-Off
Than Being a BAD KISSER





That's no joke amigo,

The Most Important Thing To Remember When Kissing Is
and this goes back to lesson #1) to




Now, I know this sounds like a no brainer,but believe me
that when I say "pay attention," I want you to pay attention
in a different way than your probably used to.

Here is what I mean...

I have sex with about 9 out of every 10 women I go out with
on the very first meeting. (This is not bragging. I'm telling
you this to demonstrate a point.)

I do it by paying special attention to some things most guys
don't think about or pay attention to.

How To Tell When A Woman Wants To Be Kissed!

1.  PUPIL DILATION - The bigger her pupils are, the more
into you she is, now if you're in a very dark environment
this could be  a bit misleading but by and large the
bigger the pupils the better the odds.

2.  PROTRUDING LOWER LIPS- Women will tell you that when a
woman's lower lip starts protruding, almost in a
"pouting" type of way, it's a signal she's extremely
interested and sexually aroused.

    (These two factors apply to men as well, but let's face
it, men are ALWAYS ready to be kissed! =)

There are lots more body cues we can work with but for now
that's enough.

Now, Why Would You Want To pay Attention To Those Kinds Of
Body Cues?

It's simple really when you think about it:

If You are not getting the signals that she is ready to be
kissed then you need to do something to get her level of
arousal up before you can go any further!

The #1 Reason WHY Most Guys Don't Get Laid On The First Date!

You see, one of the things that turns women on is the build
up, the sexual tension that comes from wondering what the
first kiss is going to be like.

If Your Kiss Rocks Her World and Meets Her Expecations...

You Are In For A Hot Wild Sexy Ride.


IF your first kiss is lame and nothing special...

then as far as she is concerned...

So Are You!

That means...

You get shoved into the nice guy, "let's be friends" box.

That sucks believe me.

There are lots more kissing tips and body language cues
you can work with that will give you a completely UNFAIR
Advantage Over Other Guys and Make Women Salivate To Be Your
Woman, and I cover them pretty well in my "Secret Orgasm Tips
Home Study Course.

" I also cover some Killer Personality Traits that just make
women go all gooey inside and excite their imagination
about you (Ladies, if you want your partner to please you
in the best way possible, you can't find a better resource).

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But here is something you can work with until you can get
the course for yourself.

The Secret of Listening to Her Lips

Do This And I Promise You She Will Respond To You Better And
Faster Than She Has To Any Other Man:

When you go in for the kiss, cup her face in both of your
hands so that your palms are gently cradling her jaw line
and your thumbs are just in front of cheek bones.

(You can also place your hands further back with your thumbs
just in front of her ears if that's more comfortable for you.)

This allows you to contour her face and guide it where you
want her to go.

This helps to avoid the possibility of kissing her too hard
and too fast, which is akin to smacking her in the teeth.

C'mon, you know we have all done it. =D

In our rush to get the kiss we move too fast, or are unsure
of our distance, timing and pressure and suddenly --- BANG!

Your loving lip lock turns into a less than exciting clash
of the molars!

Now when you deliberately move her face in toward yours,
I want you to look her in the eyes and slowly close your
eyes as you gently bring her face to yours.

I want you to touch her lips to yours as lightly as you can
and I want you to sense and pay attention to several

This takes practice to get good at but once you do...

She's Yours!

Here's What You PAY ATTENTION To During The Kiss:

--How much pressure is she using to kiss you?

    --Is she pressing her lips hard against yours, soft?

    --What kind of force is she exerting with her lips?

Also, notice the configuration of her lips for the kiss:

    --Is she a fish-kisser?

    --Does she open her mouth very wide?

    --Does she keep her lips close together?

    --Pay attention to what she is doing to you!

Kiss her gently and allow yourself to feel how she is kissing you.

Don't Focus On Kissing Her...
Focus On How She Is Kissing You!

(this goes the same for ladies as well)

This is a concept I learned from "Tai Chi Push Hands" called

"Listening (as defined by tai chi) is the ability to sense
and interpret subtle changes in pressure and energy through
your sense of touch --

in this case bu using your lips.

In The Sexual System I Teach We Combine The "Listening" Skill
With A Secret Sexual Master-Key Known As "Projection"

How To CREATE The Perfect Kiss!

Here is where "listening" meets "projection" ALLOWING YOU TO

Here's how it works!

Remember, she already has an internal checklist of what a
kiss is supposed to feel like for her.

By paying attention to the way she kisses you then kissing
her back exactly the same way, you validate her internal
sexual model of how things work,demonstrate you are just
like her and you perfectly fire off all the "internal mental,
physical and emotional signals" that tell her mind body and
emotions its okay to go to the next level.

In other words to become...


In hypnosis we would call this "pacing and leading."

Now Lets Sweeten the Deal a bit...

Once you have matched her particular style of kissing and
you're effectively doing it back to her the same way, you
can start  to direct her a bit more.

The Act Of Kissing Her The Way She Kisses You Dramatically
Deepens The Sense Of "Connection" And "Rapport" She Is Going
To Have With You.

Continue to pay attention to her responses. Think in terms
of simply wanting to give her pleasure and paying attention
to her responses.

Once you have matched her kissing style you now have a
couple of choices:

You can continue to kiss the way she does...


You can slowly begin to alter your method of kissing and see
if she responds by following you.

When she follows you by changing her way of kissing you now
have more freedom to play.

I go far more in-depth about kissing and creating massive
sexual pleasure in your partner inside my home study course
"Secret Orgasm Tips."

You won't find this information in any book store.

Hell, you won't even find it anywhere else on the INTERNET!


Because this information is just too good, and stems from my
15 years of experimentation and refinement of these techniques.

The simple fact of the matter is that if you want to be a
great lover and experience true sexual ecstasy with your
partner, you need to pick this home study course up today.

You can download it and be learning all my dirty little
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But hurry.

I don't know how much longer I'll keep this information

It's just too good!

Your Friend and Loyal Sex Coach

David Van Arrick
aka -- The Master

PS:  Tomorrow, the real fun begins Future Sex God!  Stay tuned...
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