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FREE HYPNOSIS DEMONSTRATION Sensuality Enhancement | Hypnotic Orgasm Therapy – 50 Shades Gray Room   Transcript [0:00] David: So, here’s what we’re going to do. {long pause as David looks around for one of his ‘volunteers’ } I need another chair, Kenner. Please. Kenner: Alright. David: Oh, Thank you Bob. Kenner: Thank you Bob. [0:15]…

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Give Women Orgasms

Dating Techniques, Science of Attraction, And The Secrets of the Sexes

Dating Techniques, Science of Attraction, And The Secrets of the Sexes Brand New Two Part Lecture discussing NLP and The Science of Attraction, the secrets of the sexes,How to know if a girl likes you, Body Language Cues,Indicators of interest and more Body Language of Sexual Attraction For Women, Men and Beyond!    …

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The Clitoral Truth–Gateways to Enhancing Female Orgasms

Orgasms, Orgasms Orgasms, seems in the last few years the world has become utterly obsessed with them… and rightly so. No other phenomenon on the planet carries so much power over our lives, for good or ill. A man who can give his woman abundant ever increasing orgasmic pleasure will rapidly find himself in constant…

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Close-up of kissing lips

3 Question Instant Kiss Close – (Street Seduction Tactic)

I love this. Not just for the sheer balls of it but because the precise questions he’s asking literally set up the mind for compliance and remove any barriers to the actual kiss! Positively genius. Great Video!

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Touchless Orgasms On Command – Sexual Energy Super Charger

  The video above demonstrates an amazingly simple and easy method for giving any woman mind blowing multiple orgasms on command. Without Even Touching Her.   This method taps into the unique power of a woman’s mind and body to instantly activate her Sexual Energy and then through very simple direct instructions we can show…

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