Lesson-7-How To Give A Female A Multiple Orgasm

Welcome Sexual Mastery Orgasm Lesson 7

Multiple Orgasms Made Easy!

Hello Sex God,

Before we go into our final lesson, I just want to congratulate you.

You've made it to the end.

You're someone who starts what they finish. And that is the key to becoming a master in any field.

And because you've been a diligent reader, I've got a special treat for you.

In fact, I'd say I saved the best for last.


Today I am going to talk about something I like to call the "blended orgasm."


The blended orgasm is actually a combination of clitoral and vaginal orgasms.


The best way I have found to give my partners a blended orgasm is through combining several of the techniques you have already learned in this course.


By now you are able to give your partner a minimum of two or three orgasms, which means you have already blown her mind in ways she wasn't expecting.


Depending on your particular partner's sexual past, you may have given her sensations she’s never ever had before either vaginally or clitorally.


Now its time to turn up the heat even more.


The Blended Orgasm



The Blended Orgasm is achieved through a combination of Clitoral and G-spot stimulation.


In this lesson we combine elements of our prior lessons on clitoral orgasms, oral sex, and the G-spot put them all together and voila!

Blended Orgasms for everyone!


Here's How It Works...


First thing you want to do is make sure she’s been sufficiently turned on.  That means pressing all her mental and emotional arousal buttons in combination with the secret physical arousal methods we've shown you thus far. That includes...


  • Giving her the proper amount and type of foreplay  that she really enjoys,


  • delivered at least one clitoral orgasm  either through your Fingering Techniques or Oral Sex,   and of course


  • At least one orgasm via the G-spot method.


Remember it’s all about build-up.


  •  Begin with locating her clitoris with your  lips and tongue utilizing the technique  taught in our chapter on oral sex.


  • Once you find her clitoris with your tongue,  insert your fingers into her vagina as if you're getting ready to do the "secret twitch technique"


  • Start with licking and massaging her clitoris  with your tongue as you slowly massage her G-spot with your index and pointer fingers.


  •  At this point your primary focus is on her  clitoris. The clitoris tends to trump other  stimulating inputs at first, but as we  mentioned earlier, orgasm creates more  responsiveness to sexual stimulation so all  parts of her will be primed if you have done your work correctly.


  • As her arousal increases you will feel her vaginal  walls start to flex and twitch in that familiar way.


  • Begin to increase your massage of her G-spot as  you continue to stimulate her clitoris with your  tongue.


  • By now you should have a pretty good idea what kind  of clitoral stimulation works best for her both  digitally (with your fingers) and orally, you  should also have figured out where her G-spot is  and how best to stimulate that as well.


  • Take your time and let her responses guide you.


This technique can be a lot like walking and chewing gum at the same time for beginners, but once you get it, she couldn't forget you even if she wanted to!


If you were to take this technique, combined with everything else I've taught you in this  email crash course, you would be a better lover than most other people out there... even if the have had more sex than you have.


But there's more to it.


So much more.


Lovemaking is Not Only A Skill, It's Also An Art!


And to enjoy true ecstasy, one must become a master in all areas of lovemaking.


Imagine being with a special person in bed. See their face, feel their skin, smell their hair...


  • Think about how good it feels to be with them.


  • Think about how much better you feel when you are able to pleasure them.


  • And then, think about how amazing you feel when you know that no one else has ever given them the experience you have!


This is not a fantasy.


This can be a reality.


Your reality.


Lovemaking is not taught in school. And it's not something we're all naturally good at.


It's not your fault you did not grow up learning these skills.


But it IS your fault if you know these skills exist, and choose NOT to acquire them.


Choosing to Ignore The Importance of Good Sex In A Relationship Can Have DEADLY Consequences!


Almost every problem you've ever had in your life can almost always be traced back to bad sex.


If you've ever had a "loved one" cheat on you, it's because  they weren't sexually satisfied in your relationship.


If you've ever felt nervous on a date and end up "blowing it," it's because you know that when you get in the bedroom, you don't know what to do.


If your marriage or relationship is dissolving before your eyes, it's usually because the spark has left your love life.


And the solution to all these problems (and more) is so easy...




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