Sexual Hypnosis – Hypnotic Orgasms And More…

Have you ever wished you could give any woman screaming multiple non-stop orgasms on command. Does having the power to instantly sexually satisfy any woman sound even remotely appealing to you?
If you are ready to wield unspeakable hypnotic power over the minds and bodies of women and achieve ultimate personal mastery over your own life, this could be the most important message you ever read. 

What would your life be like  if you had the power to:

  • Make any woman unquestionably loyal and obedient to you? 
  • Give any woman mind blowing orgasms on command 
  • Last as long as you want to during sex without breaking a sweat? 
  • Enjoy Rock Hard Long Lasting Erections, even if you have previously suffered from some form of impotence or erectile dysfunction
  • Enjoy Ultimate Power, Control and Self Confidence with Women and Have them Chasing You!

Look I know all this sounds like science fiction, I wouldn't  have believed it either until I actually experienced the power of sexual hypnosis for myself.



Sexual hypnosis or Erotic hypnosis is the ability to use hypnotic techniques to enhance and amplify sexual and erotic responses in your partners.

We should at this point make a distinction between "Sexual Hypnosis" and Erotic Hypnosis. If you had to create a way to classify them it would look something like this.

Sexual Hypnosis Would Be The Primary Category. Erotic Hypnosis would fall into a sub section of Sexual hypnosis.


Sexual hypnosis can be used a  great variety of ways that fall outside of but are related to erotic or sensual experience.

For example.

Many women seek sexual hypnosis to help them get over sexual problems like

  • Sexual Frigidity
  • Sexual Guilt
  • Sexual Inhibitions

And much more.

Many men seek sexual hypnosis interventions for help with male sexual issues such as

  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Non- Organic Male Impotence
  • Inability to achieve orgasm

Just to name a few.

Erotic Hypnosis or Orgasm Hypnosis pertains more directly to amplifying and enhancing sexual and sensual erotic experiences. Using erotic hypnosis woman are able to achieve levels of orgasmic pleasure never before possible.

Sexual and erotic fantasies can be made astonishingly real anything and everything can become a source of ever increasing erotic pleasure. Within the scope of erotic and orgasmic hypnosis. All things are possible.

And the best side effects of erotic hypnosis are.

  • Increased and enhanced sexual pleasure
  • Loss of sexual inhibitions
  • More connection and closeness with your partners.
  • A greater range of sexual exploration and expressiveness
  • Intense Loyalty and Rebirth of excitement within the relationship that only gets better over time.

For many people, erotic hypnosisis literally the easiest, fastest and direct path to long lasting ever-increasing sexual and romantic pleasure and fulfillment in a relationship. To learn more about erotic hypnosis  and other methods  for improving and enhancing your sexual and erotic lifeI invite you to join our FREE Sex Love an Dating Success newsletter by filling out the form to your right and clicking the send button.

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