Squirting Orgasms: The 4 Things She'll Never Tell You About Your Sex

Squirting Orgasm Secrets

4 Things She'll NEVER
Tell You About Your Sex


There's a lot of things women will never tell you...

ESPECIALLY when it comes to sex =P

And these 4 are the most important!...

Secret #1)

She Wants Something
New That No Other Man
Has Given Her


What keeps girls interested in a guy is when he gives her something that doesn't make her YAWN in bed...something she's never experienced with other guys before him...

The reason women LOVE shopping is because they're always looking for something NEW...

Well guess what...the same thing is true for women in bed 😉

So if you're doing the same damn thing every night in
bed...she's probably bored already and you're gonna
have to try something new!

She'll probably never tell you, but I'm telling you right now,

So make sure you throw in variety...it's really the best way to
spice things up.

Secret #2)

She's Faking Her Orgasms

This may be happening with you and it may not...

But either way she's never gonna tell you!

Did you know that 80% of women fake orgasms and 80% of
men INSIST it's never been done to them?

They do it to make you feel better...because they don't
wanna hurt your feelings or make you think that they don't
like YOU…

But TRUST ME girls don't like having to fake them!

So if you can make your girl cum in a way that she CAN'T
POSSIBLY fake one...you won't have to worry about her
whether or not she's bored or even worse...UNSATISFIED
with you.

Secret #3)

She Wants a Whole Body Orgasm

Most women only have orgasms from clitoral stimulation...

And sadly they don't know how truly powerful...and
exhillirating (!) a whole body orgasm can actually feel!

When a woman has a whole-body orgasm, she literally gets
her body ROCKED with sensation and pleasure...

That's why women are known for SCREAMING during
amazing sex.

Secret #4)

She Wants Sex Just As Bad As You Do

Guys are usually the ones known for being "dogs" or "hornballs"...

But guess what...

Women want and CRAVE sex just as bad as men do.

That is if you're GIVING IT to her in ways that leave her
coming back for more.

Let's face it...a girl isn't gonna be begging and clawing to get
into bed with you unless you're absolutely ROCKING her
world...and making her cum and scream in ways she's never
been able to.

In fact...the most hush hush topic between girls is how
well a guy can give them an orgasm...if he even can.

Find out how to give her a guaranteed screaming "o" TONIGHT

Once you're able to give her the kind of sexual experience
that no other guy can…she starts wanting and craving you
MORE…and usually will do anything to get (AND KEEP)

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orgasm like no other man ever has

So get started on becoming ONE MAN who can FINALLY
give her the ONE AND ONLY reason she needs to be
BEGGING you for sex.

You'll definitely be glad you did.

Talk Soon,