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Sexual Mastery Lesson Four

The "Insiders Guide" To Oral Sex

Welcome to day 4 of Top Secret Sexual Mastery Orgasm Crash Course.
By now,you should be proficient at the first three steps of being a great lover.
  • Lesson One: Pay Attention/Sexual Body Language and Calibration
  • Lesson Two:  Kissing Skills That Close The Deal
  • Lesson Three: Clitoral Stimulation Techniques


Today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite techniques for figuring out the best and fastest way to give a woman oral sex that's tailored perfectly to the way she really likes it.


The following method goes back to what I covered earlier on in the course about learning to pay attention differently and understanding that women project out into the world what feels good to them by what they do to others.


One of the biggest criticisms I hear from women when I ask them about oral sex is that most men have only one stroke and it's like they are painting a fence.
That's a bad thing!
This goes back to lack of study and practice in giving good oral sex or learning how to massage a woman's clitoris with your tongue.
In working the clit with your tongue, many of the same basics apply as with your fingers. You need to learn how to sense a woman's clitoral response through your tongue.
But even then your tongue needs a little back up so I'm actually going to teach you a supplemental technique that's worth its weight in gold.
When you approach your woman for oral sex, the most important thing to remember is the build up.
You need to get those hormonal fires burning hotter and hotter!

So how do you do it?

Patience my friend.

All will be revealed...

The Pole to the Equator Principle

Okay, I know by now you're probably wondering:

"What's the deal with all these odd sounding names?"

Well, I happen to like names that provide a clue as to how the technique is used.
Now remember your key concept - Women Love the Build Up.

The anticipation and the sexual tension that comes from good foreplay.

Now, here is a little tidbit you probably didn't know, but should. Write this one down because its an important one later on.


Here it is:

"Orgasms make a woman successively more responsive to sexual stimuli!"

In other words, the more orgasms she has, the easier and faster you can
trigger her to have even more subsequent and intense orgasms.

Get it?

So in this example, I will assume you have been giving her orgasms through manual clitoral stimulation and now wish to transition to oral stimulation.

First things first, to insure proper build up of sexual tension and anticipation within her always work from the distant parts of her body to proximal.

In other words, from the poles to the equator.

If you think of a woman's vagina as being just below the equator and her head and feet being the north and south poles respectively, you can begin to understand what I mean by this concept.

Assuming you have been pleasuring her in the side-by-side  position I described yesterday:
you would naturally begin to kiss, nibble, suck and otherwise stimulate her erogenous zones from her head and
working down her face, neck, shoulders,

(you can also spend some time kissing and stimulating the inside of her arms right around the ante-cubital crease just inside the crook of her elbow, ladies seem to really like this area) breasts, belly, waist, hips etc.

Be sure to take your time as you get closer and closer to her vagina and ultimately her clitoris.

Think in terms of teasing and build up.

Remember when setting her up for clitoral orgasm via oral sex, indirect routes work best.

Now as you're working your way down her body, kissing, stroking with your tongue, and etc. Pay special attention to any spots she reacts exceptionally well too.

There will be a few but they tend to vary from woman to woman.

The Sexual Mastery system your learning is a combination of special protocols combined with specific ways to customize them to the woman you’re working with.
It's a balance, so avoid cookie cutter thinking.

Pay attention to the special areas she responds to these are her personal erogenous zones that may vary from the generic ones I cover in my course.

Paying attention to them now means you can come back and use them again later to streamline your lovemaking process and get her where you want her faster and more

Okay so you have worked her from the top of her head  to the just below her belly button. Now you can begin to start to lick and suck her inner thighs, from the
knees to the crease where her leg joins her pelvis.

The more excited she becomes the more sensitive these areas become and as you continue to work towards her vagina her mind, energy and awareness also move to that
region of her body causing her to become more aroused.

Spend time kissing, licking, and sucking the Labia Majora - the larger outer lips of her vagina.

Kiss the area all around her clitoris as though you were kissing her mouth (odd I know, but it really gets them going).

When you’re ready, slowly start from the vaginal opening and slide your tongue directly upward from the opening and lightly stroke her clitoris from underneath with
your tongue.

If you have done your work well, you should get a momentary arching of her back and a quick gasp or shutter as you do this.

You're now ready to begin the Secret Twitch.

(For more information on the Secret Twitch,

Check out my Secret Orgasm Tips Home Study Course.

Right Here:

The Secret Twitch, combined with proper oral sex techniques,is guaranteed to blow her mind every single time!

Now let's cover positioning and comfort.

If you're an aficionado of good oral sex like I am, you have probably noticed that certain positions often leave you with a sore neck to show for your efforts.
In my worldview, good oral sex has to be comfortable for both parties.

Bad positioning is more often then not the reason a lot of good oral sex fails to achieve orgasm - admittedly oral sex is far more reliable than ntercourse/penetration
to bring on a woman's orgasms, but it has been known to fall short of the mark.

Especially when you consider the following (and to me amazing) statistic:

60% of all men do not like to perform oral sex!

Can you believe that?

I certainly had (and still do!) have trouble believing that so many men could be so utterly ignorant.

But here, play with this little trick next time your in mixed company and the topic happens to come around to sex...

Just casually mention how you love going down on your women for hours and feeling her really enjoy what you do to her the whole time.

Notice the non-verbal responses you get from the women.

If you're paying attention, you will quickly notice that they are mostly favorable...

Okay, they are more like "oh god I want that!" type expressions. =)

Get good at oral sex guys, women talk, and when they do, you want them talking about you!

My favorite position to deliver oral sex is created by placing my philtrum (that's the area above your upper
lip and below your nose) lightly on her mons (that's the fleshy area just above or on her pubic bone).

This allows me to position and move my head and neck so I can better stimulate her clitoris.

In addition, I can easily reach everything from the top of the clitoris to the tip of the vaginal orifice itself and all points in between with my tongue.

I can also vary the pressure I use against the pubic bone to better support my neck with out causing any discomfort to her as I'm working on her clit.

Sometimes I will wrap my arms underneath her thighs and come back over top of her hips with my arms so I can use both my hands to pull her labia back
if I need to work.

However if I'm going to use the Secret Twitch, I need to have at least one hand and arm totally free.

Using the Secret Twitch, it becomes very easy to transition immediately into any other type of orgasm I want to give her.

Play with this one gent's and you will be giving her oral like you have known her all her life!

It's one of the most reliable techniques I know of for calibrating where she is on the climax scale and making sure she gets there.

But if you REALLY want to get good at oral sex (and believe me, women appreciate no other lovemaking skill more!), then you really need to learn the "full court press."

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In it, not only will you learn the Secret Twitch technique, but every other conceivable oral sex trick there is to get your woman squirming with delight.

(But seriously, all you need is the Secret Twitch, and that alone will make you a better lover than 99% of the other men she's ever been with!).

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Until Our next lesson... practice hard, and enjoy your victory!

Rock Her World and Take Names

Your Friend and Sex Coach
David Van Arrick
aka "The Master"

P.S. Tomorrow, I de-code the G-Spot!

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