Clitoral Stimulation Techniques

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Sexual Mastery 101 Presents:
Clitoral Stimulation Techniques:
How To Master The Clitoral Orgasm

Warning!: Make Love To Your Woman The Right Way

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The Clitoris is perhaps one of lifes greatest mysteries... at least to men (and some women)

In Today's installment of my freel mini-sex guide we going to explore the Clitoral Truth.

At this point we must assume you have learned the first two steps to mastering the art of how to make love to a woman.

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Now we get into the fun stuff!

Today, I am going to talk about the secrets of how to give a woman an orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Hence the term "clitoral stimulation techniques"

Truly, God loves women, for he gave them the clitoris, an organ that serves no other purpose than to provide sexual pleasure through

(the clitoris actually serves some very important functions but all of them are achieved through clitoral orgasm, in the Secret Orgasm Tips course you will learn just how powerful the clitoris really is).

Because this is a brief course on clitoral mastery, I will make the assumption that you know what and where the clitoris is located.

But for those of you at home who may be a bit uncertain.

The clitoris is a small bud-like organ that can easily be found by locating the opening of the vagina and running your finger upward between the labia (or lips) of the vagina until you come to a small round protrusion.

Normally the clitoris is soft and flaccid, much like the penis when not being sexually excited or aroused.

As a woman becomes more and more sexually turned on and approaches climax her clitoris will swell and grow harder and harder.

This is one of the key signs that let you know she's getting close
to orgasm but it's not something most folks pay attention to. It takes a very special touch to be good at clitoral orgasms and if you're relying on the penis to give her an orgasm, you're relying on the wrong tool.

Let me explain...

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