Beating Cheating


5 Secret Signals Your Woman is...CHEATING ON YOU


Let's face it men AND women CHEAT.


  • They Have "Affairs"
  • They Have "Flings"
  • "Liasons, etc"


What ever you want to call it, Women are STEPPING Outside Of Their Primary Relationships In Record Numbers. And Many are "ACTIVELY" looking for "A Little Action On The Side"


In the United States Alone:

  • Midwest - 30%
  • North East - 45%
  • West - 48%
  • South - 23%

...and those are the stats on from the  people who told the TRUTH.

Experts speculate that the actual Frequency of female cheating is anywhere from 53% to 68%.


But Did You Know, that compared To Men...

The Vast Majority of Women Never Get Caught Cheating.

A Much higher percentage of men DO get caught cheating.


Wanna know why?

Women Are Much Better Liars Than Men.

  • They much more socially adept
  • They are much better Skilled in Non-Verbal Communication, More Aware Of Social Dynamics.


  •  Women plan things out,while men act on the spur of the moment.


The "Reasons" Behind Why Women Cheat Can Be Very Hard To Pin Down But...

They Are Usually Sexual In Nature


And The Ugly Truth Is...


If a woman is Feeling Unsatisfied In ANY Way, The Odds Are She WILL Resort To Cheating To Get Her Needs and Desires Met, in Other Words...

Your Woman WILL Cheat On YOU...

 ...Especially IF Your Ability To Give
Her Orgasms is NOT Very Good.


But There is a Scientifically Verified, Practically Foolproof Way To Keep Your Woman Happy, Satisfied, Fanatically Loyal And..."Obedient To You For LIFE!

I'll Tell You More About That In a Minute.

But right now I want to help you set up a secret way For You to...

"Know With a High Degree Of Certainty:

  • If Your woman is Cheating On You,
  • or At The Very Least Is in Danger of Cheating On You."


I know it might sound like a huge problem to solve.  Its actually quite easy to do.  But first you have to have the right mind set.


Otherwise, you could make a mess of things.


First you have to think and act like a scientist or a detective, instead of a jealous lover.


  • You have to be Calm.


  • Collected, and most of all


  • Rational.


You have to focus on the cold hard data and be Willing To Look At It Objectively Rather Than

A. Assuming the Worst And Getting All Emotional and/Or Wussy

B.Sticking your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich and Denying What You Are Seeing


Let Me Also  Put This Idea In Your Head...

"Cheating Is Only A Symptom."


If there wasn't a problem somewhere else (Usually Sexual) There wouldn't be a symptom To Have To Deal With In The First Place.


Make Sense?


In a few minutes I'll tell you how you can fix those too, but first lets set up a rock solid...


"Infidelity Detection System!"


A System that lets you know with a high degree of certainty..."Whats really going on with your woman"




Here we go....

 Cheating Women... (And Men) All Tend To Engage In Behaviors That  Should Be Viewed As Potential "Red Flag" Indicators Something Might Be Amiss.


Remember earlier I mentioned that cheating women rarely get caught Because:

A. As a Rule Women are Better Liars

B. Women are more Systematic and  Methodical - They Make A Plan

C. Men Tend To Be More Impulsive and act "In The Heat of The Moment"

Additionally, Men Are Mostly Oblivious To Anything  That falls outside of food, sex or  career. with the exception of maybe SPORTS


Sorry My Friend,  But Compared To Women, We Men Are Disgustingly Simple Creatures.


So how do we "Simple Men" learn to pay attention and catch the signs that our One and Only may be sharing her "goods" with another guy or "guys"

Well, we already know that most women are better liars than we men (there are exceptions to everything of course). So we can't  just trust what she says , or what she tells us, (unless of course you are really good at detecting liars, I have a course on that by the way)

In Order To Detect Cheating, We Have to Start Paying Attention To "Other"Things.

Namely her behaviors.

Let's jump in.

First of all I have to quote someone I wouldn't normally quote:

Sigmund Freud Once Remarked "It's Impossible To Keep an  Affair Quiet"

He was right.

The actual quote is rather long and ponderous so I won't bore you with it here. But if you really want it, email me and I'll send it to you.

To catch a cheating lover or to be more precise "discover evidence of an affair"


You Have Learn To Observe Changes In Your Woman's Behavior.


These are things she won't say, but what she does will show something has changed.

You Also Have To Keep in mind, NO ONE BEHAVIOR Proves Anything. But recognizing areas where her behaviors have changed, can act as a signal telling you where you need to  pay more attention, or delve a little deeper.


Here's What To Look For:

A. Sudden Changes In Underwear Style

Yes, you read that right.

When members of either gender begin  cheating. They often "Change The Style"  of Underwear They Use.

Women who are cheating will often change from those sexy silk and lace Victoria Secret Style thongs and cheekies to more "traditional less arousing - granny panty styles.

She May Not Go Full Grandma on you but her underwear will definitely be "less than enticing" Unless of course you are really into "Bridget Jones's Diary"


Their Fabric Choices Will Also Tend To Change From Silks and Laces To Cottons and Flannels

The psychology behind this is of course one of concealment and
"not" attracting attention.

The cheating woman in this case unconsciously perceives anything erotically enticing as potentially attracting "attention" to her extra-marital activities and so she will both consciously and unconsciously seeks to minimize those signals.

Of course, as in many cases of trying to conceal deception, the deceiver tends to go too far and overcompensates for their indiscretions.

In trying to appear less sexy to their husbands, an woman can actually "tip off" her man that she is being sexually active with someone else.


Bottom Line:
Aside from the Other Guy She is boinking.  She's doesn't want anyone to notice or pay attention to her at least on a sexual level.

I think you get the picture here.

MEN on the other hand will do exactly the opposite - (Which may also be why men get caught more than women)

A man who is having an affair will typically go from Cotton To Silk and boxers to briefs.

If you know what I mean.

it's an unconscious way of signalling Sexual Prowess. Its also that drive to call attention to ourselves that get men caught!

On top of this sudden Underwear Switch There are at least three other areas that can tip you off to a cheating spouse.



Women tend to lose interest in sex  at home, although she may go through the motions just to cover her tracks.

If sense something is amiss when you are making love to your woman and it happens more than once or twice in a short period of time

Its time to start paying attention.

And if you can't tell if your woman is having a real orgasm or is just faking then you really need to grab a copy of my Massive Orgasm Getting Course - Secret Orgasm Tips.


Yep, you can probably guess why and where  this behavior might come from.

The spouse who is having an affair often starts doing their own laundry.

After all, washing clothes destroys evidence Remember cheaters are liars, and lying forces people to exert EXTRA Efforts To conceal and maintain the lie.

Those efforts create a deviation or Change from "normal" or baseline behavior.

but you have to know what normal is in order to catch it.

In other words, you gotta pay attention to your lover in the first place.

Which is probably why she started cheating in the first place.


This is huge. I can tell you from personal
experience that the moment things start going
adrift at home.

The extra curricular activities WILL begin.

If all of a sudden your spouse takes a keen interest in

  • wines,
  • rock climbing,
  • "Decides to go back to college and finish her degree"
  • Take an evening class. Etc.


New Hobbies provide "opportunity" and excuses to stay away from home and you.


This one is subtle but telling.

Spouses having a affair seem to drop their old friends and start hanging out with people you have never heard of.


6. Bonus For The Family Guys - PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR KIDS!

This one may not be relevant to everyone BUT kids are amazingly tuned in to the feelings and emotions of their home.

Even if they don't consciously understand or "know" whats going on. They emotionally sense when something is not the same and they will behave differently when they  sense it.

If you start sensing a change in your kids, its time to start paying attention and start looking at the big picture.

Putting This Into Action.

Start Making It A Habit of Paying Attention (casually but consistently) to these five or six areas of your day to day life and pay particular attention when they "deviate" from the norm.

Remember, the secret to spotting deception is in first understanding what is "normal" and then looking for Patterns of Deviation from that Norm.

In other words, do the changes keep happening and do they keep happening under similar circumstances?

And what if you do detect those changes? What Then?

Well, then my friend you have a choice.

  • You can take the direct approach and confront her directly
  • You can "do more thorough" snooping into what she has potentially been up to.
  • You could always "pretend" that you don't know what she is up to.

Or you can do something a little more powerful...Okay. a lot more powerful.

You can fix the reason she's cheating in the first place.


Now that might take a bit of soul searching and pride swallowing but my research has shown that if you can cure the reason behind the cheating, then the cheating usually goes away.

The biggest reason, though not the only one is...

Sexual Frustration

And How Do I Know This...

I'll give you a little confession,

In 2005 I was voted one of the top ten pick and attraction experts of the year by seduction and In fact, I was considered a master at seducing married women.

Now before you get all crazy and indignant, I'm not telling you this to brag.

Only to educate you that I truly know and understand the psychology behind what causes women to cheat and why.

Now I find it much or satisfying helping guys like you save their relationships or at the very least give you the skills to get and keep the special lady you've always wanted and be the kind of lover ever woman dreams about.

And for the record. I'm very happy in my current relationship, which I got as a direct result of the years in the field I am describing to you.

During that time. I rarely met a woman I couldn't get, regardless of whether there was big shiny ring on her finger or not.

In fact the married ones were usually the easier women to seduce because most of the time...

They Chased and Seduced Me!


Well first you have to understand the life and psychology of the average frustrated female.

You see the vast majority of women are tremendously UNSATISFIED Sexually.

The men in their lives simply can't deliver what they need Mentally, Emotionally and most of all Physically.

In Other Words Orgasms, Lots and Lots of Orgasms!


On top of that most men have no clue HOW To Get A Woman So Turned On That She Begs For Sex In The First Place.


And If You Can't Get Her Turned On In The First Place... You Are Probably Not Going To Be Giving Her The Kind of Sexual Fantasy Experience She Is Craving.

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The Orgasm Code.

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When you tap into those unsatisfied lusts and desires within a woman's psyche, her body literally goes into a frenzy of lust and she can't stop thinking about you.

And then, when you meet and satisfy those physical and emotional desires her own body literally forces her to become intensely bonded, connected and loyal to you through a chemical her body releases called -Oxytocin

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