Lesson-6-How To Finger A Girl

Sexual Mastery Orgasm Crash Course
Lesson Six:

"How To Use Your Fingers To Give Your Girl An Orgasm"


Hello Future Sex God,

Today we are going to briefly discuss one of my favorite topics.


This one skill has given me more power with women than perhaps any other "physical" sexual skill that I possess.


With it I can pleasure a woman for hours on end, making each sheet ripping bed soaking orgasm more powerful than the next, and never break a sweat!


It's a key component to all of my sexual conditioning work; where I totally connect all of her pleasure centers to me.


Plus, it’s such a forgotten skill amongst the male population that those who achieve mastery of this incredible skill will NEVER lack for hot, horny female company and it’s the one skill most perfectly suited to most powerfully pleasing a woman.


I am, of course, talking about...




The Fine Art of Fingering!



How to use your hands and fingers to completely send her multi-orgasmic orbit time and time again.


Now, some people would say oral sex is the best, and I have to admit, it's up there among my favorites.


But my criteria here are what consistently get me the most reliable results.


Like I mentioned in earlier newsletters, I'm extremely thorough and I'm also extremely lazy.


I like techniques that are reliable, consistent and get the incredible results that I as a sexual master demand...


My standards are high and I take pleasing my partner  Very seriously... so should you!


Now, if you have been paying attention so far you have Probably noticed the plethora of hand and finger Techniques I use in every aspect of Sexual Mastery.


What I suggest you do is go back and review the lessons On the Three Finger Split Technique... better yet...

Let’s review them together shall we?


Basic Three-Finger Split...


  •  Anchor your partner's right leg with your right  Leg by hooking it over and around her.
  • Massage her vaginal area mons, labia etc. before sliding your fingers down to her vaginal opening
  •  Locate her vaginal opening with the tips of your index and pointer fingers slide your fingers directly upward along andbetween the inner labia of her vagina until you find her clitoris
  • Spread your fingers apart so that your index finger is holding her left inner labia and your small?
  • Fingers are holding her right labia away from the clitoris
  • Your middle finger should be directly over the clitoris or within easy reach
  • Begin light but circular strokes on and around the surface of the clitoris
  • You can also occasionally dip your fingers down to the vaginal opening and stroke upward from the opening to the base of the clitoris
  • Pay attention to how the clitoris responds to your touch
  • As the clitoris becomes more stimulated and aroused It will swell and become harder and harder use your sense of touch to determine the best angle, Stroke, pressure, and timing for your partner. Let her Responding clitoris is your guide.
  • As you get closer to her climax hold on tighter with your legs she's going to start bucking like a bronco!
  • Enjoy the Ride!



We also talked about the "Secret Twitch Method" that you can Use to identify the best stroke, pressure and pace that a Woman needs to have the best oral sex possible.


In terms of giving oral pleasures to your woman, this Technique is pure gold, and is a perfect transition point Into any of the several types of orgasms and their Associated techniques we have discussed so far.


If you don't know the Secret Twitch technique, you can learn it here:




In my home study course "Secret Orgasm Tips," I cover some Even more amazing skills and techniques that you can use to Totally light your partner's fire in the bedroom.


But wait... There's more


Let me leave you with one more awesome technique that will Make all your other fingering techniques that much better...


It’s called "The Magic Touch"


Have you ever just touched something because you like the Way it feels beneath your fingers?


Like maybe one day you saw someone you knew wearing something Made out a very soft comfortable looking material and you Just wanted to touch it?


And when you did you, discovered it felt really good beneath Your hands and fingertips?


Now, we have all had that experience of wanting to touch Something just to feel it beneath our fingertips...


Well here is the good news:


We can use that same process to help make our touches far More erotic, exciting, and stimulating for our partners As well!


You see, most people don't bother to actually take the time To "feel" or "Sense" what's going on beneath their fingertips When they touch their lover's body.


Generally speaking, if you touch your partner in such a Way that if feels good to your fingers and hands it will Probably feel good to your partner as well.


This is a good guide that keeps you from over-stimulating Them or stimulating them too hard (which is a common problem).


You see, I was very active in the "Swinging" community and a Lot of my techniques was developed in that life style.


So not only did I have sexy with lots and lots of women, I also Got to observe a lot of other Men's techniques.


When it came to the fine art of fingering, most of them were... Shall we say... less than "adequate?"


Now honestly, it's probably not their fault.


Most people only improve with feedback and women are Notorious for not wanting to hurt a man’s feelings...


Hence the oh-so-common practices of "faking orgasms."


Now, once you learn to apply the "magic touch" to all of your Lovemaking skills, you will quickly discover that your partner Will orgasm faster and you will take far more pleasure in Simply touching your partner's body.


So here is your homework for getting good at the "magic touch":


Go out and find various clothes or fabrics and other materials And simply touch them.


Pay attention to how they feel beneath your fingers.


Touch them in a way that makes the sensation pleasurable to Your own hands and fingertips.


Really become aware of it.


Next time you're with your lover, playmate, spouse, or Significant other... practice touching their body in a way That feels good to your hands and fingers.


Then combine the magic touch with the three finger split or The secret twitch and notice how much more enjoyable the Process is for both of you!


If you really want to blow the lid off of fingering, be sure To check out my home study course here:




In it, I reveal DOZENS of awesome fingering techniques that will help you pleasure your partner without tiring you out!


Seriously, if you neglect this part of your sexual education, you'll come to regret it!


Don't waste any more time.


In just a few minutes, you can discreetly download this course and be learning in the privacy of your own home.


That link again is:




Until Next Time,


Rock Her World and Take Names...


You’re Buddy,


David Van Arrick

Aka "The Master"



PS: More Great Stuff Coming Your way Tomorrow Future Sex God