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There are aspects to our life that are considered "taboo" or "inappropriate" to talk about. However, ignorance concerning these sensitive topics can lead to unhappiness and poor relationships.

Knowledge is power, and when you're able to learn how to please your partner in a relationship, you're not only happier, but they are as well.

On this website, you'll learn little-known information about how to enhance your mind, body, and spirit, and bring pleasure and intimacy into your relationship - making it stronger, more fulfilling, and a whole lot more fun.


"Life is too short to not experience
as much pleasure as you possibly can."

-David Van Arrick



 Why Does My Partner Cheat On Me?

Many people wonder why their significant other cheats on them. They come up with various reasons as to why this is, but the fact of the matter happens to be that people cheat when they are not happy with their current partner.

This unhappiness can stem from a number of things, but the most common one is that they are not being fulfilled emotionally or physically in the relationship they are in.

Being able to satisfy your partner and having a happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship is the only true way to safeguard yourself from being cheated on. Someone who is happy and fulfilled never cheats! And usually, this type of process begins in the bedroom.

Intimacy requires trust, and happiness requires fulfillment. When you know what your partner requires to be happy, they will trust you and your bond with them will grow and strengthen.

How Can I Know What My Partner Wants?

We are not all alike. Different people require different things to feel happy and fulfilled. But when it comes to the bedroom, all people need just one thing - trust!

Once you have trust, you'll be able to know what your partner needs from you to be completely satisfied. Usually, because they'll be comfortable enough to tell you their deepest fantasies and desires.

However, trust doesn't always come easy, so you need to learn to PAY ATTENTION to your partner. Typically, we're so focused on ourselves in the bedroom, that we ignore or overlook the signals our partner gives us concerning their pleasure.

If you slow down and pay attention to what your partner is responding to, what your partner enjoys, and what your partner seems to want more of, you'll figure out exactly what it takes to give them what they want. And the more you do this, the more they will begin to trust you and open up to you.

How Can I Get My Partner To Please Me More?

It is not a bad thing to want pleasure for yourself, so wanting your partner to be there for you intimiately isn't selfish. It's only when you refuse to return the favor that it becomes an issue.

Ironically, the best way to get your partner to please you more is to please them more. When your partner has their mind-blown by you, they tend to want to return the favor. This is known as "reciprocity," and it drives the desire to do to you what you do to them.

However, if you're looking for your partner to do something specific that you enjoy or want to try out, the important factors are trust and communication. You must communicate what you want to your partner, and you must have enough trust and intimacy that your partner will feel comfortable fulfilling your request.

How Can I Get My Partner To Want To Be Intimate More Often?

This is one of the biggest issues in relationships, where one partner feels unsatisfied because the other doesn't want to, can't, or is ignorant about how to please you. When this imbalance exists, it can lead to bad, unhealthy relationships, cheating, and break ups.

Having a partner who is ready and willing to please you in the bedroom can be an important factor in having a happy and healthy relationship. The biggest thing you can do is communicate to your partner what it is you want and how important it is to you to have it.

However, though you may be wanting more of the physical aspect of intimacy, keep in mind that your partner's reluctance might be due to the mental and emotional aspect of intimacy being unfulfilled. If this is the case, it's your duty to engage them physically and emotionally, to the point where they want to be with you.

This kind of mental and emotional engagement is about learning what stimulates them, and getting them to become engaged and adventurous. In short, don't let the romance in your relationship disappear. Learn what it takes to meet your partner's mental and emotional needs, and they will come around to meet your physical needs in response.



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