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Orgasms, Cheating and The Power of the Penis: What Bad Boys Know…And Your Woman Wishes You Knew Too

What Is It About "Bad Boys" That Women Just Can't Resist?

Well aside from the five Alpha Male Qualities All Bad Boys possess. There is another power that bad boys tend to have that often leaves "good guys" paying the tab and supporting their offspring while their woman is off getting fertilized by yet another Romantic Renegade, Rogue or Scoundrel.

You see your woman, deep inside, despite her "civilized and oh so proper demeanor... is an untapped volcano of sexual lust. ... seriously.

Most women are walking around PROFOUNDLY Unfulfilled and Desperate for ORGASMS, but not just little tiny clitoral orgasms. Nope.

The Erotic Fantasy Secret

She wants Sheet Ripping, Bed Soaking Erotic Fantasy level experiences that leave her trembling or even barely conscious.. the kind of pleasure that floods her body with oxytocin and programs her for complete addiction to the man who can give it to her.

Those men are usually the bad boys.

My good friend David Shade spends a lot of time talking about the bad boy phenomenon. And although we tend to come at it from slightly different perspectives. We both agree the video above really tells it like it is.

If straight talk about Vaginas, Penis's and Cheating and Orgasms Bother You.you probably shouldn't watch this video.

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