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Orgasm Code: Maximum Orgasms In Minimum Time (Video 3)

Welcome to Video Number Three of the Orgasm Code: Maximum Orgasms in Minimum Time.

In this video I go into some more of the most powerful sexual skills, concepts and
tactics for making love to your woman and satisfying her BEYOND Full.

There is some much in this video that as I sit here writing about it the though of having to
list it all is kind of overwhelming.

  • Magic touching
  • Sexual Dominance
  • Taking Touch
  • Sexual Organ Sexual Penetration Radar
  • Erotic Palpation
  • Orgasms through Clothes
  • Sexual Energy Massage: Stimulating the meridians of her body.
  • Sexual Alphas and Beta Males
  • Clitoral
  • G spot
  • deep spot
  • Pre-sex dating tactics
  • sexual frame reversal
  • 7 stages of sexual arousal
  • The Swing Lifestyle
  • Where the system comes from
  • Sexual Performance:How to perform high stress situations
  • Secrets of Ear Seduction
  • Sexual Anchoring
  • Sexual Self Esteem
  • Orgasmic Equation
  • Hero Traits- Six irresistible traits
  • Making a woman sexually experimental
  • Becoming her sexual archetype
  • How To Begin Conditioning a Woman for Absolute Loyalty


And those are just some of the highlights you'll be learning about. Because of the extreme power of this content I can only keep it available for a short time.

So do me a big favor watch the videos, post your comments questions and likes, but even more important, please post what you liked most, or found most useful about this video. The more feedback I get from you the more I can continue to help you become the truly unlimited lover you were meant to be.

and by all means field test these methods. I truly believe you'll be amazed at what you'll be able to when you use them.



David V.