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Orgasm Code: Master Keys To Guaranteed Orgasms (Video 2)


Welcome to today's installment of Unlimited Lovers Special Presentation of the The Orgasm Code: How to Guarantee Your Love Has Multiple Orgasms

In Today's Video I'll be talking about some of the "Secret Master-Keys" for making sure you know how to give your woman the EXACT Kind of Pleasure She's Always Dreamed of and how to program her to become increasingly sexually hyper aroused and responsive to you... and only you. (yes I AM That sneaky)

Today's Video Will Introduce You To

  • Attraction Calibration:
  • Magical Eye Contact
  • Attention is The currency of relationships
  • The golden rule of three
  • How to make a woman sexually hyper responsive and explorational
  • How to turn yourself into your woman's personal sexual fetish
  • Creating Unbreakable Sexual Connections
  • E-Zones
  • Romantic vs Sexual Accelerators
  • The Energy Kiss
  • Listening with Your Lips
  • Seven Stages of Sexual Arousal
  • Knowing when to take the lead
  • Sex and Trance states
  • Sexual Suggestion

And A Whole Lot More.

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David V.