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How To Be More Successful in Matters of the Heart

The politic and Dating Connection Exposed! Dating Attraction and Seduction Success May Have More To Do With Who You Know and what you believe in than how rich, or good looking you are.

Lets Face It...

...when all is said and done we tend to hang out with people who are most like us in terms of political views, social outlets and behavioral traits.

The study, published recently in the Journal of Politics, examined the physical, personality and behavioral traits of more than 5,000 married couples in the United States. The various qualities -- including body shape, height, weight, impulsiveness, religion and ideology -- were scored on a scale of zero to one, with one being a perfect match.

The upshot of course is this…In order to find the perfect mate for you you have to become them.

As I so often tell my students and coaching clients, you must become the kind of person you want to attract. Especially if you want to keep them around.

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