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G Spot Stimulation Techniques: How To Stimulate G Spot Tutorial

G-Spot Stimulation Misconception #1
Do you know what is wrong with this video?


Why is the Video Above Wrong? Stimulating the G-spot in women takes a heck of a lot more finesse and skill than just sticking your finger inside her, finding the soft spongy spot and stroking away.

Can it work... Yes, sometimes

Does it always work. Nope!

In fact, if you don't know what you are doing its pretty easy

  • to screw up her orgasm and
  • leave her sore, frustrated and
  • maybe even a little "annoyed" with you.

That's probably not the mood you want to set.

Giving women volcanic g spot orgasms is a true skill, not one you can pull off just by sticking your fingers in her vagina and poking around like you are looking for clams. ( no pun intended)

Are There Techniques To Stimulate A
Woman's G Spot That Almost Always Work?


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