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BREAKING NEWS! International SEX EXPERT CONFESSES His Guilty Secret…

Hey There Unlimited Lovers.

It's me your ole buddy and resident Sex GOOROOO David Van Arrick back to give a big thank you and a really BIG WOW!

I'm truly stunned and excited by the amount of positive buzz and response we are getting here at unlimited lover and we haven't even officially launched the new site yet.

So in light of the overwhelming response and some really great questions. I'm going to try and tackle a couple of things at once with this blog post.

A. Unlimited Lover is NOT officially live YET. There is a vetting process that certain search engines whose name begins with a "G" (and believe me it has NOTHING to do with a G-spot) requires all new sites seeking to advertise must go through. We are still in that process and I want to make sure the "G-Men" and "G-women" are thoroughly satisfied and are utterly convinced about the fact that I only want whats best for you.

B. I'm Gonna Be A Daddy! How cool is that. The New Baby Van Arrick is due sometime in May and you can best believe I'll be doing something might special when our next little bundle of joy arrives. But you won't have to wait till May for more exciting stuff.

We intend on really fleshing this site out and with your awesome questions and support I know that we can get you on the fast track to becoming the kind of lover the man or woman YOU Want, has always dreamed of.

You know its interesting because even though my marketing IS a little hypey, everything I talk about in the materials is actually true. You see I developed what would become secret orgasm tips as a personal way for me to win the game of sexuality and lovemaking.

Now when I say "game" I'm not actually talking about Neil Strauss and the PUA Community. Not by a long shot. My stuff started way earlier than that.


Secret Orgasm Tips or "The System" as I like to call it was a culmination ( yeah I know I gotta watch those big words, I might hurt myself.) of study in several areas. Sex and Lovemaking techniques, obviously, but also a deep study of martial arts, taoist sexual kung fu and chi gong, Hypnosis and NLP.

My early experiences in sexuality and relationships from about my early pre-teen years up through my early twenties taught me a lot about what NOT do when it came to dating, seduction, and attracting women. I'll be honest, I made an awful lot of mistakes. I crossed a few lines and MOST Assuredly.

I paid the price.

There were many a night I would lie awake at night with the fact that the woman I wanted was out with someone else, or worse had DUMPED me for that person.

Truth be told, growing up I was treated "horribly by the females in my life" and being gifted with a naive mind and marginal social skills. I was pretty much slated for pain.

As a result I became a pretty angry guy. Not sure how or why this stuff is spilling out now but I have to think the big guy upstairs, and no I'm not talking about google. Wants me to share this with you so you can really understand where I came from, and why I developed "the system" for myself.

One night after a particularly traumatic romantic experience, specifically I discovered that my girlfriend had been sleeping with my best friend and my circle of friends knew about it and none of them would tell me.

As it happened I found out the night I was hosting a New Years eve party and my Friend and estranged girl friend showed up pretty much together. Now I don't know if you can imagine what that "actually feels like" sitting there hosting a party and having to "deal" with that kind of hurt and betrayal... FOR HOURS.

It was like a Scalding-Hot Knife Being Twisted Deep Inside My Guts. The Emotional and Physical Pain Was Unimaginable.

I truly thought that I would never  feel a pain as bad as that. ... I was wrong. Ironically It took a pain worse than the one I just described to actually bring me back to Light Side of the Force. That's a story for another day though.

Well I won't bore you or traumatize you with the details but that night something inside me snapped. I mean quite literally snapped. I remember the anger, I remember the hatred, I even remember the extreme desire for vengeance I felt. I made a decision that night that I was going to make people pay for what they did to me.

Look... I'm not really proud of whats going to come out next so you may want to click away unless you really want to know why SOT and all my other programs work so well.  I decided that from that moment on I would learn how to take any woman I wanted away from any man any time anywhere.

No, I'm not kidding, and I am completely serious.

I suffered a complete bout of "reaction formation" if you don't know what that is I'll make sure there is a link to it somewhere in this post so you can look it up.

From that day on I became obsessed with becoming "irresistible to women" and not just single women, nope,

The women I really wanted were the women who were with someone else.

I wanted to prove that no woman was truly loyal, and that I could take any woman away from any man I wanted any time I wanted. Not only that, I wanted to be such a good lover  that every woman I was with simply couldn't go back to the other guy without feeling like they were trading down.

( I told you this was not a pretty story, but I think you'll be pretty happy about how it ends)

That events of that Terrible New Years Eve Night, was the fateful beginning of one of the most twisted and perhaps wisdom producing journeys of my life. They say everyone has a long dark night of the soul. Mine lasted almost two decades.

During that time I learned and mastered a lot of things. I studied the arts and sciences of love, persuasion, human psychology, and a ton of other disciplines. Most of which for the sole purpose of being able to get any lover I wanted no matter who they were with.

Now I will tell you that even within my lust filled desire for sexual justice. I still kept To A Personal Code of Honor.

I never lied to, manipulated, or coerced any lover in any way. In fact to my way of thinking having to resort to those tactics was equivalent to failing.

I became an honest, romantic renegade. I learned how to inspire the secret feelings in women they'd always kept secret. I learned how to fan those hidden flames inside them into a burning raging lusting fire of desire that made them literally in some cases "insane with desire."

I knew exactly what buttons to push that would make any woman "want" to cheat on their partner, never ever tell them and never ever leave the primary relationship. I was totally about full disclosure. I let every woman know that I had my own rules, and my own way of life, I wasn't interested in "replacing" any spouse or boyfriend.

And you know what, they were cool with that.

You see most women will not sacrifice their primary relationship if its providing all the other material comforts they need to be secure.

Nope, they'll keep that going and doing their due diligence, at least to a point, but they will happily engage in one sexual-romantic adventure after another as long as it doesn't jeapoardize the primary relationship, OR they have a chance to "Trade Up" in terms of a mate with higher survival potential or social status.

Now, you also have to remember that what constitutes real status in a woman's mind can be very different from what "society tells her it is"

Remember this, in most cases... Biology Trumps Sociology.

The reptile and limbic brains are the true masters of a woman's mind and body.

She also has a third brain called the Neo-cortex. The neo-cortex is the youngest and least powerful part of her, and by the way,

Everything I am explaining with regard to female sexuality is almost equally true for men. So ladies, you need to pay attention too.

Why is this important anyway?

I was always extremely up front, set my boundaries and I steadfastly guarded them.

When people violated my rules. I simply excommunicated them from my life AND all those delicious romantic adventures they'd come to love and be addicted to.

(by the way, If you are still reading this, thank you, now I'll also take a moment to tell you that I've given you a mother-load of sexual and romantic principles that you can begin incorporating into your love life right away to start building up your "prizability and social/sexual value" to your lover.)

I got real good at "temptation" and causing women to fantasize about being with me while at the same time finding their "old lives" less than satisfying. And honestly, that part wasn't very hard because

Most Women Are Not Really Satisfied With Their Current Relationships.

They simply aren't getting enough of the experiences that cause them and keep them feeling happy and fulfilled. Now that is only partially a mans fault. The rest of the blame falls almost fully on societal conditioning.

But I digress, I'm betting you want to know how the rest of the story turns out don't you?

How did ole Devil David V." Go from Master of Forbidden Delights to The One Guy Committed To Helping You Get and Keep The Love of Your Dreams.

How did that really happen?

Well honestly, I fell in love! No really... I did.  Now I'll tell you I certainly DID NOT PLAN THAT! But The Big G ( and no I STILL Do not mean "Google!") had other plans for me.

And it was Love That Both Saved Me and Gave Me A Way To Use My Knowledge and Skills To Help You and Make a Difference In The World!

What I'd learned during those years on the Dark Side To Help Men and Women Who Are Desperately Frustrated and Unfulfilled and not sure how to get this part of their life handled.

  • To find, attract and keep that special relationship.
  • I know how to teach you unlock your lovers hidden sexual desires because I became immensely good at it.
  • I know how to teach you to cheat proof your relationship because I was a "master" at knowing what buttons to push that make women want to cheat,

...and being a guy,  I "might" know a few things about what makes a guy want to cheat, and even more importantly... What Makes A Guy NOT Want To Cheat and To Be Happy With The One Woman He Chooses.

Well, Thanks for letting me rant, vent or give a confession.

I sincerely hope that I haven't put you off with my sordid past.

But I think if you were going to put your trust in someone and the technologies he's teaching you. you have a right to know exactly how and why I know this stuff works. Because it was designed by me, for me. It was never originally intended to be taught to anyone else.

Just like many of the modern technologies we enjoy today that were originally designed and created for military use. The System is now available exclusively to help you become the kind of lover you've always wished you could be and You're woman never even KNEW she wanted.

And I have to tell you.

I'm really glad that I am sharing this with you. The rush I get from hearing and reading your success stories is far superior to anything I felt during those other times. But I guess if it hadn't been for those "dark times" Neither of us would be here now, would we?

That's why I'll keep sharing the wealth and giving you the best info I can. I'm still as fanatical about these topics  as I was back then, I'm just pointing them in a different direction now.

Until Next Time, ...

"Rock Her World"

Your Loyal Friend And Sex Coach

David Van Arrick