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Erotic Hypnosis – Hypnotize Her Into Dropping Her ….

Easily Hypnotize Her To Drop Her Knickers? Some people go under easier than others, but hypnotism works – just accept that.   …And hypnosis is easy to learn because it is mostly about,speech, pacing and suggestion.   So why not make use of it when you have your eye on a hot woman you want…

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Flirting For Fun and Profit

Flirting Secrets: How To Be More Attractive,Worthy and Lovable …Instantly! Lets face it… We All want to feel Attractive, Lovable and Worthy.   Nothing does that for us faster than when we are flirting or being flirted with. Even the flirting never really goes anywhere, most people usually feel pretty good when someone does a really good job of…

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Sex Positions Getting Deep Inside Her

… Deep Inside Her   Fact: Women Lust For Orgasms   Fact: Women Lust For Anything            That Results In Orgasm   Fact: Better Sex Positions =            Better Orgasms!     …But Not All Sex Positions Are Created Equal. Different Types of Sexual Positions Are Best Suited for Certain Types of Effects And ORGASMS.…

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Orgasms, Cheating and The Power of the Penis: What Bad Boys Know…And Your Woman Wishes You Knew Too

What Is It About “Bad Boys” That Women Just Can’t Resist? Well aside from the five Alpha Male Qualities All Bad Boys possess. There is another power that bad boys tend to have that often leaves “good guys” paying the tab and supporting their offspring while their woman is off getting fertilized by yet another…

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Orgasm Code: Maximum Orgasms In Minimum Time (Video 3)

Welcome to Video Number Three of the Orgasm Code: Maximum Orgasms in Minimum Time. In this video I go into some more of the most powerful sexual skills, concepts and tactics for making love to your woman and satisfying her BEYOND Full. There is some much in this video that as I sit here writing…

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